New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

New Moon  - Stephenie Meyer

In New Moon, sequel to Stephenie Meyer's infamous vampire-romance-novel-thing Twilight, Edward Cullen disappears into the wide blue yonder, leaving Bella bereft and hallucinatory, imagining an angry Edward shouting at her whenever she does anything dangerous. What a healthy relationship those two have.

Bella is utterly without any redeeming qualities: selfish and suicidally stupid, she is the single most unlikeable protagonist I've ever met. To put that in perspective, she is more unlikeable than psychopathic Roland Deschain from The Gunslinger, abusive-and-violent Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, and Cloud Atlas' self-pitying, suicidal Robert Frobisher. This is a shame, because the other vampire characters - Alice, Carlisle, Rosalie and especially the Volturi - are fascinating and compelling, and the whole vampire world is one I would have liked to see more of. It's just a shame that Edward and Bella are so annoying.