The Shakespeare Notebooks

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks - Justin Richards

A mashup of Doctor Who and Shakespeare which answers once and for all the question "what if the Doctor got hold of the Bard before he wrote all his plays?" Fun, light and adorably geeky, it's a collection of famous scenes and passages from Shakespeare with Whovian additions here and there, ranging from the poetic to the ridiculous. Most of the Doctors are represented here, from William Hartnell through to Matt Smith, with companions and monsters to boot. It's the kind of thing that makes you love Doctor Who not for what it is (which is, at least at the moment, mostly pretty shit and deeply misogynist to boot) but for what it represents: whimsical British stories of the vast unknown beyond the horizon.


A sample sonnet:


Shall I compare thee to a Type Fifty?

Thou art more lovely and more temporal:

Rough time winds shake the positronic flow,

And Fast Return hath all too short a spring:

Sometime too hot the Eye of Harmony

Is by a Temporal Orbit stopped at last

And every wheezing groan sometime declines,

By chance, or Vortex changing course untrimmed:

But thy materialisation shall not fade,

Nor lose possession of thy Time Rotor,

Nor shall death brag thou wander's Gallifrey,

Wherein eternal Rassilon dost thrive,

So long as Time Lords plot, or Daleks kill,

So long my TARDIS will you serve me still.

Also, I would pay good money to see Ye Unearthly Childe.