Poem for the Day Two - Nicholas Albery

Poem For The Day Two - Nicholas Albery, Andrew Motion

A good selection of poems from all over the world and all eras. It's supposed to be a "learn a poem a day" thing, so, wanting to do things properly, I duly began by learning my Poem for the Day, every day. This lasted about five months before I realised I couldn't remember most of them. So I started only learning the ones I liked. But there were still plenty of those. My favourite poem of all time comes from there (it's "The Door", by Miroslav Holub, in case you're interested).

However, don't expect any well-known poems here. There is no "Kubla Khan", no "Ozymandias", no "The Tiger". The only poems I knew were two by Sylvia Plath and "Dulce et Decorum Est". Actually, this was quite a good thing because I read a lot of poetry that I wouldn't have otherwise. And there are famous poets here: Shakespeare, Duffy and Eliot all find their way in, as well as other lesser-known poets (Alun Lewis, anyone?).

So in summary: a good collection of poetry from a wide range of styles. But why are all the poets who are still alive so old? I think Simon Armitage is the youngest poet in this collection, and he's about fifty.