Schrodinger's Kittens - John Gribbin

Schrödinger's Kittens And The Search For Reality - John Gribbin

This is the sequel to Gribbin's book In Search of Schrodinger's Cat , which detailed the history of quantum physics, although it does not require you to have read that previous book. In this highly readable book, Gribbin explains the advances in the science since the publication of Schrodinger's Cat, although there have been further advances even since the publication of Kittens, making the book slightly dated. Never mind. It's still highly informative and interesting, with concepts such as time travel and teleportation given solid scientific exposition in an accessible and humorous style: science fact that looks like science fiction! The information is broken up into short subchapters that allow you to read in short bursts without losing any of the argument, and Gribbin uses everyday situations to illustrate quantum ones. Well written, interesting and readable.