The Odyssey - Homer

The Odyssey - Homer, E.V. Rieu, Peter Jones, D.C.H. Rieu

What I Have Learned From The Odyssey:

1) Ancient Greek heroes were jerks.

2) You can always tell an ancient-language translation from an originally English novel.

3) Repeating your exact words over and over again amounts to great literature.

4) The Greeks were more interested in interminable petty power struggles between annoying jerks than in exciting adventures involving gods and monsters.

5) Twenty-four books is way too long for any story.

Yeah, I didn't much like The Odyssey. I quite enjoyed the earlier parts, the adventures, with the Cyclops and the Underworld, et cetera. But, really, the actual interactions with actual Greek people just annoyed me. Misogyny and brutality are, apparently, the way to good government in Ancient Greece, and I'm not prepared to overlook that just because "it was a different culture".