The Unadulterated Cat - Terry Pratchett

The Unadulterated Cat - Terry Pratchett, Gray Jolliffe

The other day I was stuck in the truly scintillating town of Ringwood, Dorset. I had promised myself that I would buy no more books. But there is literally no other shop of interest in Ringwood apart from the local bookshop, Paperview, and so, of course, I ended up in there and had a bit of a surprise.


A Terry Pratchett book that I hadn't read? More specifically, an old TP book that I hadn't read? More specifically still, an old TP book about cats that I hadn't read?


Some context: I like cats. Well, actually, I adore cats. Put me in a room with a fellow cat lover and we can talk for hours. Also, TERRY PRATCHETT!? This book was written for me.


The Unadulterated Cat is partly a satire on the Campaign for Real Ale ("the Campaign for Real Cats is against fizzy keg cats"), partly a humorous guide for Real cat lovers, and partly a book about all the strange, infuriating and mysterious things Real cats do.


Real cats are the ones with the faces like lawnmowers, the ones who will eat anything and who persist in being on the wrong side of any door. All cat lovers will recognise the Real cat. Because this is a book that is not only hilarious, but also so true.


Some of the chapters do feel a bit short, and end abruptly when I felt that there could be more development. But, really, if you're a cat lover you're bound to enjoy this.